OpenID? Maybe.

I know there is a lot of buzz out there about OpenID, but I have to say that I’m just not sold. I love the concept. One identifier for authenticating and one location to manage my personal information where I can control which sites can know what about me. However, not enough sites that I want to use support it and it’s only really appropriate today for low value transactions.

The fact that the first major Telco, France Telecom’s Orange, just announced their support is interesting, but still not compelling – at least to me. It appears that major identity providers (IdPs) may all soon be providing OpenID identifiers for their users, which doesn’t really help, does it? Don’t I just want one? Is it a liability to have more, even if I’m not going to use them? Can I turn off my AOL, Sprint, Google, Bank of America and American Airlines OpenIDs and just use my Verisign PIP OpenID? 🙂

Anyway, I’m definitely down with the vision and can’t wait until I can show up at a new service to register and not only quickly have access and/or an account, but also bring my social network (think Verizon commercials), all in about 15 seconds.


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