Don Bowen Update: 2008-01-06

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m sending this from Eileen’s email, but this will be my last update for a while.

The support, calls and prayers from all of you have blown me away. The words don’t exist to explain how loved and cared for you have made me feel. And that has translated into encouragement and peace, for what otherwise would be quite hard. I’ve said this to some of you, but it applies to all of you – you’ve been Jesus with skin on to me and been the physical touch of God in my life. It’s made all the difference. Thank you.

One of my friends at church this morning, Steve Kastelein, told me he helped install some of the equipment that will be used for my Stealth MRI. Here is a link for all my techie friends:

I know several of you have asked if you can come down to the hospital tomorrow to pray with me. That would be great, but I think it would probably have to be around 5:30 at OSF Admitting. I know, that is ridiculously early, but I just don’t know what the schedule will be after my MRI and whether I’ll be in places that are accessible to non-family. My advice is to sleep in  🙂  Eileen and I wish we could. Catch a few extra winks for us!

If the surgery really only takes 4 hours I’m hopeful that Eileen will be able to send out a short update on my status in the late afternoon.

I may be dreaming, but I’m also hoping that I will be able to take short calls sometime later on Tuesday. My friend Andy wondered why I wasn’t having a phone surgically installed as long as they’re in there. Funny guy.

Call Eileen on her cell (or mine) if you just can’t wait, but being patient on hearing an update is probably best.

Please keep praying, for the surgery and even beyond the surgery. I wish this was going to be over tomorrow, but that is, unfortunately, pretty unlikely.  Thank you to those of you who have and/or will help with the meals. I need lots of good food like a hole in the head – wait! – I do need a hole in the head, so I guess I do need lots of good food. Excellent!  🙂 Anyway, We are humbled by your generosity and I want you to know that will bless my wife immensely and that makes me quite happy. Thank you!

I had hoped to send out our Christmas letter by now,but just couldn’t get it done. We did take our family picture and I’m uploading them to flickr in the next few hours (I hope). You will be able to see them here:



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