No More Stitches

Some of you know that I am a cheapskate – few of you know the degree. I have always removed the stitches if any of us got them. Why? I thought they charged you for it when you went back in and that appalled me 🙂 Why should I pay for something I was perfectly capable of doing myself. Never mind that I almost faint at the sight of even mild blood and gore. Let me think it might cost money and I become a chief surgeon.

Yes, I felt stupid that I hadn’t realized it was free, but I tried to focus on the fact that I had discovered a new “deal”.

Today Stacy in the neurologist’s office took out the dozen or less stitches in record time. I was amazed. Our appointment was for 9am and we were done before 9:15, and that included idle chitchat. She was right, the most painful part was the hair – yes, I do have some, at least until the radiation takes it.




One Response to “No More Stitches”

  1. Mark Moody Says:


    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Mark Moody

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