Old Update Emails Posted

If you have an RSS feed you know, but just in case I posted all the emails from when I started updating people on my condition all the way through my return home when I actually started blogging.

There may have been a better way, but I put them on the dates when the real email was sent out. So the first was on 12-21-2008.  Nothing that exciting, but they do include more of my poor attempts at humor.

Sleep is still tough, but I do get some. Waking up frequently in the night just gives me more opportunities to pray. Often I ask, “God who are you wanting me to pray for now”. Most of your names have come up at least once. I enjoy it, but sleeping all night would be ok too 🙂

I’ll send another update and share about my eyesight state very soon.


3 Responses to “Old Update Emails Posted”

  1. Rob Philpott Says:

    Hi Don – I’ve been following the blog for a while. I thought I posted a note the other day, but I don’t see it. So once again…

    Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you up here in Boston. I don’t know if it’s just the “getting old” thing, but this bad crap has been happening to too many of my friends (and my sister) lately… prostate, breast (several), esophageal, liver, … ugh. From all of that, I have seen first hand how important the power of friends and faith can be in both accepting it and fighting it. It truly sounds like you’ve got such great support around you (in person and virtually) and I’m happy to add my warm wishes and support to the process.

    On a lighter note, please don’t dwell too much on Sunday’s game – can’t have you getting depressed! I was SOOO hoping for a Pats/Packers super bowl. I’ve been a Pats fan since moving to Boston, but growing up in KY, I didn’t have a local team to root for, so I became a huge Packers fan. I still always root for them and can’t stand the Cowboys or Giants. I would have loved a rematch of ’96. My brother, who lives in TX is also a huge Pack fan. He actually went to a game at Lambeau in December (for his birthday) and was so excited!

  2. Paul Fry Says:


    I have been following along since I heard. I am at a loss for words, and you know how seldom that happens. None the less, you are in my prayers, my families prayers, and the prayers of the 24 6th graders at St. Agatha School where my daughter attends.

    Continue to be tough, and God Bless.

    Paul Fry

  3. Hal Stern Says:

    don — found out about your current state from eve maler’s blog. hang in there — thoughts and prayers are definitely with you. and remember that, in the words of jodi picoult, sometimes a miracle isn’t the thing that happens, it’s all the things that don’t happen: don’t wake up with pain. don’t continue to have eyesight problems. don’t ever lose faith or confidence. and of course the packers lost so that there’s some incentive for you to see them get to the big game in future years!

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