Battle begins at 2:45PM CDT Today

Just a quick note to let all of you know that the battle line has been drawn and I go in for my first treatment at 2:45PM this afternoon. This is NOT the time I’ll go each day, just today. That means I take my chemo pill at 1:45, one hour prior. They made it sound like eating lunch would be ok, but I’m going to stick to the original 3 hour fast and not eat after 11:45. They said if we’re there by 2:30 we could be out by 3:15, which is impressive.

I slept only ok last night, but feel pretty good this morning. I wanted to provide you with a picture of the horse pill I have to take, but for some reason my kids need our cameras at school. As I told my parents last night. I’m an expert at taking pills. I hated lima beans when I was younger, and the only way I could eat them was one bounce on the tongue and then straight down the gullet. Operating efficiencies required that this work for several at a time in order to finish in a reasonable time. So, this thing should be no problem. He also cautioned strongly on not biting it or in any way having it open before going down. That’s all the incentive I need.

Pray that this is vey effective and that there are no side effects. Not minimal or few – none. God is BIG and can do BIG things. Join me in asking for exactly what we want. He’s told us to do that and it’s His reputation 🙂


2 Responses to “Battle begins at 2:45PM CDT Today”

  1. Tami Hagenauer Says:

    Praying for totally NO side effects from the “lima bean” pills and a very smooth treatment today in a half hour. You are constantly in our “walking/talking” prayers!
    The Hagenauers

  2. Doug Simmons Says:

    I first heard that you were in such “trouble” last week, while working in Midvale. I am, on the one hand, deeply saddened by what hit you; but, on the other hand, truly amazed at your super-human drive and tenacity to beat this. You will. We are all praying for you day and night. God does hear you. You will overcome this. If there is *anything* I can do for you and your family, please let me know. What you’re going through puts all of the other nonsense into such perspective. For that, I am grateful, and owe YOU one. I’ll read your blog daily. Fight hard, my friend. You are NOT alone – as you clearly know.
    Your friend,

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