Don Bowen Update: 2008-01-29

Skip down to the real update if you must, but I hope you’ll allow me to share something else I’ve wanted to say for a while. I wish you could read just a fraction of the incredibly encouraging and uplifting emails I’ve gotten from all of you. They’re so important to me and though they often bring tears, I make sure no one else is in the room. 🙂 No, really I have learned to love tears of joy. I could seriously cry on command and may have to pursue my dream of Hollywood after this is over 🙂

I NEVER get tired of hearing how reading about my journey has positively impacted you. And though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also love hearing you think my faith, confidence, attitude, and testimony are amazing, you need to know that what you see is not me. I’m not trying to be humble, just honest. What you see is Our awesome God sustaining me, very much like the footprints poem most of you have read. Anything impressive you see or read is God living out the promises from his word in me physically. If you think it’s impressive from your vantage point you should see what it looks like from mine! It’s indescribable, but David had it right in Psalm 23:4 when he said, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” I’m in that valley all day, every day. He is there with me. How else could I possibly explain that I am not afraid? Keep the notes coming, but give God the glory. He’s the impressive one.

Real Update

What a great day. What a difference from yesterday. I got up around 8 and ate breakfast. Spent time with God, answered emails, worked and then ate again around 10:40, something I didn’t do Monday. I kept working and talking on the phone (that’s all my kids think I did for a living) and then took an anti-nausea pill at 12:30. I know he said it could make me dizzy and walk clumsy, but I decided to get my walking in on the treadmill. Wouldn’t getting my blood moving make the drugs work faster? 35 minutes later no effects, which is probably for the best. [In Eileen’s defense she was not happy about this, so don’t think she is falling down on the job] At 1:45 I took my second temodar (chemo) and we left for the radiation treatment at 2:30.

There was much less back up today. Not sure if that’s just because Monday’s are bad, but it was a good sign. The guy who goes before me was already in, but I still didn’t get called until about 3:05.

I laid my head down on the clear plastic head rest and though I felt a bit of pain I was able to put some of the pressure on my neck. It helped a lot. The mask felt considerably less claustrophobic today, which was great. The time went fast. What a difference.

We got home almost 45 minutes earlier and I didn’t feel sick at all. I had peanut butter on oat bran toast and a protein shake. Chose cherry today and really only had the protein shake because though throwing up three times yesterday was not pleasant, the orange shake helped the taste. Is that enough of a visual image for you 🙂  Anyway, I figure if it did happen again cherry would be nice. But the nausea never came. God is so good.

I know it won’t always be like this, but knowing not all the days are going to be tough is a breath of fresh air. Thank you again for praying. As you can see it is making a HUGE difference.  Keep asking BIG. Complete healing, restored vision, no side effects, no pain.


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