Don Bowen Update: 2008-01-30

So up until today I’ve been gingerly washing my hair with soap. Eileen suggested that I use shampoo and “really lather it up”. I’m going to church tonight so I figure why not try to look a bit better. Man did I lather it up and boy did I scrub it. You may have questions at this point. First, did it hurt? Of course it did! That’s how you know you’re getting it clean. Second, is that a good idea given the pain you’ve had during treatment? Where were you Monday morning quarterbacks before I jumped in there? 😉 Lastly, you might wonder whatEileen was thinking? I’m not sure. She knows that I don’t do things half way. When I have an itch it isn’t scratched unless the skin is broken. Blood just means the itch will stay away longer 🙂 I was doing “Go big or Go home” way before it was popular. But to answer the question, I guess Eileen just forgot.

My hair is much cleaner, but the length is bothering me. Not the gray I see, but I swear there is a curl forming, since I have naturally curly hair. Please remove “hair falling out” from your no side effects prayers 🙂

Real Update

Today was actually better than yesterday! It actually seemed shorter too. I had one moment when that same pain from the past came on, and I kid you not, it was gone in an instant. Almost like the hand of God just moving over my head at that exact point and moment. I knew lots of you had been or were praying. Thanks.

I will repeat the same schedule tomorrow since it worked so well both Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday we move to a new bat time – 8:45am. Eileen is less excited about this than I am, but she knows it could be better for me to leverage the natural fast during the night. We also should be able to get in quicker. I’m hoping to be home by 9:30am with a full day ahead of me.

Keep praying and pray big. I tell people don’t just pray God’s will be done. Pray for what we want – it’s what God tells us to do in the bible. He doesn’t need us to just say, “whatever you think is good, God” 🙂

A couple new prayer requests:

– No sickness of any kind – there is just no room under that mask for sniffling, coughing or sneezing! 🙂

– Maintain my current weight or even gain a few pounds – I’ll have plenty of time after God heals me to worry about a bathing suit

It’s official! I get to sing on stage this weekend at Northwoods and I can’t wait. If you are at any of the three services and want to say hi, please do. I’ll try to hold myself together, but you’re all family so I won’t be ashamed.

Lastly, I will be at church for “soaking” prayer on Thursday night at 6pm. You are welcome to join if you want. And no, it isn’t praying in a pool :-). It’s just a time where lots of people focus their verbal prayers on you – in this case me. The 50 minutes fly by and it’s fantastic.

A friend shared this verse with me the other day:

“I will not die, but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.” Psalm 118:17 (very good psalm)



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