Don Bowen Update: 2008-02-16

I’m halfway through the radiation treatments! I felt fantastic today and had one of my best days ever. Lots of rest, though only 4 hours of real sleep. No pain all day. Thanks for praying! God is truly taking incredible care of me.

Now let’s think about why I might not have had any pain. Could it be 1) I didn’t get radiation this morning?, 2) I got a lot of rest, or 3) All the pain was trying to push out the unwanted hair and the job is now done! 🙂 I didn’t wake up with hair all over my pillow, which had crossed my mind.

My brother-in-law George and my niece Alex came to visit and we had fun and got some things done. Of course we played Liverpool Rummy. Sorry, John, we were going to use your new rules, but didn’t have it in us. We will though.

George helped fix a number of things like the garage door and piano seat. He also made me the perfect shelf for next to my treadmill so I can keep things close at hand while I walk.

I know the picture is a bit blurry, but it’s a small room. If I get launched off the back of the treadmill I’ll hit the wall, crumple to the floor and as long as the clip turns it off I’ll be fine. Otherwise, I’ll have a good floorburn somewhere. Didn’t walk today, but cards are a priority.

The cold and sinus stuff I was fighting seems to be almost gone, which is amazing after how I felt last night. I had thought that even after it was gone I’d be fighting what had accumulated in my chest, but it’s gone. I’m ready for another three weeks of the mask now 🙂 More answered prayer.

My eyesight is still the same, so keep praying God grows my occipital lobe cells back and restores it. Most days I feel like I’m used to my new view of the world, but some days it feels like I just got new eyes installed. This afternoon and evening was one of those times. I choose to think of it as my brain recalibrating on the way to recovery. The brain is pretty amazing. God made it and knows how to fix it 🙂

Until he does I keep doing most of the things I was visually capable of before. One of the more dangerous is what I call “trimming my feet”. Warning: Too Much Information follows. Unfortunately I have extra skin that grows on the heals of my feet. I can use a Scholl’s stick to smooth it off for a while, but eventually the build up must be cut off – with a razor blade. Now judging depth of cut with good eyes is not easy, but doing it with my new eyes is a fantastic challenge 🙂 I’ve only done it once so far and didn’t tell Eileen ahead of time. However, I did keep sweat pants on in case there was an accident and I ended up making a visit to the Emergency Room. Would you put this in the hands of a visually impaired person? 🙂

I’m loving this new Macbook Pro. The number of features it has to help me now that I’m “visually” challenged is quite impressive. I can easily zoom the screen any time, which is great. Another feature I love is the ability to highlight any text and press a key combination and have it read the text to me. Very cool. I can use it to proof read emails to (help) make sure what I’m saying is correct. Lots of other great features, but one of my very favorites is the “Large Type” option for phone numbers from the Address Book. If you can’t read this you are totally blind 🙂 Is that incredible or what?

I was reminded today, partly because of how good it was, of Lamentations 3:22-23 “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” God willing it won’t get harder and I know you guys are praying with me that it won’t. But I’m prepared in my heart to remember that those verses are true regardless of my circumstances. It’s true for you as well, whatever your situation.

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!

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