Don Bowen Update: 2008-03-31

I still don’t have an update on my MRI results, but I will very soon. We will be at Duke for our treatment appointment in about 2 hours and I’ll give them the MRI CDs we have,which are hopefully still intact. Apologies for the long delay, but good news is worth waiting for!

Thanks to the wonders of wireless internet I started writing this update in the car using a connection through Todd’s phone. The connection wasn’t gigabit speed and in the mountains it was pretty spotty, but it was impressive nonetheless. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish and you are getting an update as soon as I could get one out. Click on the picture to see the set.

Saturday was a bit crazy as we prepared. Monahan’s had sporting events for kids right up to our time of our departure. I wish that was my excuse. Friday night Mike and Wendy had come by to pick up Abby and on their way out Mike looked at the tires on the van because I said I was thinking of having them checked. Good thing he did. He said the front left was “dangerously low” and the back two looked like they needed to be replaced. He was right. Fortunately the guy at Sam’s moved me up on the list. I had to get Megan up early to help. Early being before 2pm, so 11am was amazing. That’s when not being able to drive is a major hassle, especially since Sam’s is less than a mile away 😦 The front left tire had a big screw in it and was not patchable because it was on the outer edge. I ended up replacing all four tires. My friends are just that important to me. I had to say that for thoe of you who know how cheap I am 🙂

The pain on Saturday was worse than Friday, but still much better than Wednesday. Think positive. We still had a nice drive to Crawfordsville, just north of Louisville. Mike had actually lived there from sixth grade to 10th grade. He offered to show us his old girlfriend’s house, but Wendy wasn’t that interested. Party pooper! We played the four-letter game and had some good laughs as Lisa kept changing her answer well after the fact on one of our guesses 🙂 We got to our hotel and enjoyed watching a few old episodes of etticoat Junction. Quite funny.

We got on the road about 8am on Sunday and enjoyed what turned out to be a very quick trip. We must have brought the cold weather with us because going through the mountains we could see ice on all the trees. It looked beautiful, but I’m sure the locals weren’t that excited.

We played lots of games. I don’t like to admit defeat – ever. But it became clear, especially at dinner Sunday night, that the husbands are no match for the wives in Password. It was ridiculous. If we passed to make them guess first they got it. If they played first, they got it. I think when we finally said, “Uncle!” it was something like 20-6 and that isn’t the real score. The last straw, no pun intended, was when we passed to them and their first clue was “bale”. Never mind that this could JUST have easily been “bail”. Want to guess the word? You’d never get it in a million years. It was “haystack”. No, not “hay”, but “haystack”. Mike and I immediately told them to just put this game away and that we could never play again. Here we are at Outback where the game of Password was last played. It was pretty funny.

I have to mention two other pretty funny things that happened. At least six times during the drive, Wendy, who sat in the same seat the entire time, would say, “I can’t find my cell phone”. She would try to say it quietly enough so as not to let Mike here, but Todd or I each happily would broadcast the message. To be helpful. Here is a picture of Wendy with her phone, but do yourself a favor and look at the set to see funnier pictures, which I promised not to post on my blog – and haven’t. I didn’t say I wouldn’t put them on flickr 🙂

The other funny thing was my cribbage match, long overdue, with Wendy. She won the first game and admittedly I barely avoided being skunked. The second game I skunked her pretty good, though of course she downplayed it. Now I have to let you know that because of my eyesight I have to have my opponent score for me. Playing others this has never been an issue. With Wendy it became an issue. I was beating her pretty good when I looked down and could tell that my scoring path had both her peg and mine. She had all kinds of excuses, but it was very funny. We all laughed and I almost couldn’t stop. Oh, and I won – best of three 🙂

We got to Singleton’s around 7:30 and it was so much fun to catch up. They have a fantastic house and were fantastic hosts. We all have amazing rooms with our own bathrooms. After telling all kinds of stories and learning about our families, etc. it was time to enjoy their amazing entertainment room and watch a movie.

I had more I wanted to update you on, but ran out of time. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I will send another update tonight even if it is really short.

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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