Don Bowen Update: 2008-04-21

So much for writing to write every three to four days. Sorry.

Maybe I walked to far today. I wore sunscreen 🙂 Anyway the pain was very minimal until late this afternoon. This evening it has been pretty bad at times.

Anyway, I talked with Duke about it today and they told me that if the pain doesn’t go down by Wednesday they’d like me to have a spinal MRI.This is to rule out any tumor spread via the cerebrospinal fluid into the spinal column which can cause pain. It is a rare occurrence, but with complaints of neck and back pain that are persistent, they like to have a baseline.

Needless to say I’m not excited about the possibility, but will follow their direction. A spinal MRI is like a brain MRI except that it takes a lot longer because they have to walk all the way down the spine. It could be worse. At least I’m short. I’m also glad it isn’t a spinal tap!

Please pray that the pain does go away by Wednesday. They talked about uping my decadron dosage, so I took the liberty of doing it myself.

I really think a lot of my neck pain is because I can’t get my head comfortable and I’m not sleeping well at night. What I wouldn’t do for a solid 8 hours of sleep. Haven’t had that since before surgery January 7th.

I’m still trusting God completely and He is still my refuge. Why isn’t He taking away my pain right now? I don’t know, but if I knew everything I wouldn’t need to have faith, would I? 🙂

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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