Don Bowen Update: 2008-05-23

The past three days have been pretty good. Headache pain has been minimal almost every day and though I’ve been tired it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t do anything. Hey, maybe the radiation hangover is starting to go away.

When I move on to a new “battle” I sometimes forget to update you on old ones, but it isn’t intentional. You guys prayed and may still be praying for my sleep, well let me tell you, God has answered those prayers in a BIG way! I am sleeping most of the night. In fact, I’m getting up only once now (for the most part) and it’s really nice. No sleep medication at all and I’m sure that has other benefits.

Another answer to prayer has been the constipation. I really love sharing this subject with my 400 closest friends and family, not to mention any who stumble onto this blog. 🙂 I may still be figuratively full of crap, but I’m no longer literally full of crap 🙂 Amazing what not taking chemo and decadron can do for you. I’m sure all the fruit and bran I’m eating is helping too.

On Tuesday I got a new power meter installed. My dad got me in this new program offered by our utility company called Power Smart Pricing. With this new meter I’ll be paying per kilowatt hour at a rate that changes every hour of the day. Supposedly I will be saving upwards of 17% per month, which would be very nice.

I was pretty impressed with how fast they came. I registered for it a week ago Wednesday and less than a week later they installed it. Every day they post the hourly rates which will apply for the next day. During the summer the most expensive hours are 1-6pm. So, if you can shift your electrical usage for things like AC, washing machine/dryer, dishwasher, etc. to be done outside that period you will save money. Here are the rates for tomorrow and you can see that avoiding 9am-2pm will save you the most. I’ll let you know if I really save money, but you can be sure I’ll be trying 🙂 “Honey, could you please do those loads of clothes and dishes at 2am?” 🙂

We are having Amy’s graduation party tomorrow. If you are around and want to stop by to congratulate her this is your official invitation 🙂 The good thing about having events at your house is that stuff gets cleaned, organized, and fixed that otherwise wouldn’t. One of those items for us was the couch in the basement.

That’s my friend Mike fixing one of the two broken pieces of our sectional. Stupid me, I figured people, and I use that term loosely to refer to our children and their friends, would sit on the seat part of the couch. Apparently this is out of style. Instead they prefer to sit on the backs of the pieces. In fact jump up and down on the backs is probably a bit more accurate. In any case, the manufacturers are stupid like me and did not anticipate this. Hence the need for repairs. Fortunately, Mike can fix anything, except the people who broke the couch in the first place. My only comfort is thinking of their having children of their own someday. I’m sure that is giving my parents a great deal of joy as they read about my troubles 🙂

I finished listening to Joshua the other day while I walked outside. The last 13 chapters took just a bit over an hour so it was perfect. There are some really cool passages in this book, but I saw something I had somehow missed before. In the last chapter Joshua, now old and ready to pass on, reminds the Israelites to obey God and he reminds them with this statement:

“Now I am about to go the way of all the earth. You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.” (Joshua 24:14)

Not one. That is impressive. A loving and faithful God fulfilling his promises to a mostly unloving and unfaithful people. I’m glad we don’t have to earn it, but I am challenged to respond in kind. What an awesome God.

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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