Don Bowen Update: 2008-06-06

Tuesday was totally a waste for me. My eyes were really bothering me and watered all day. I was in bed most of the day and discouraged as a result.

When I got up on Wednesday Eileen told me that Dr. Geoffroy’s office had called and said my insurance company would cover the new drugs, but only if I was admitted into the hospital. I’m not sure why, but almost as if someone flipped a switch I felt ill. I must have also been thinking, “Haven’t I had to battle with UHC enough?” I guess not. Supposedly UHC was saying that I could get in-network coverage if I was an in-patient and admitted to the hospital, but if I got the chemo as an out-patient I would have to pay for it myself. That is a problem.

I got Eileen to walk with me on my outside route, which was nice. It was a bit warm, but not too bad. When I crossed side streets on the last leg she asked if I looked both ways to make sure no cars were turning off the busy street. I said yes, but she didn’t believe me. Maybe I don’t 🙂

Wednesday night Mike came over to help me put into a spreadsheet all the info I have on car and home insurance as I am ready to make a change. It became a pretty easy decision, but only because he helps make it that way. You can see why I put up with Wendy. She’s also fun to beat at games. 🙂

Thursday I was on the phone most of the day with Dr. Geoffroy’s office, United Healthcare, Duke and the Mail Order drug place. Fun! I wanted to start this new treatment on Friday, but needed to make sure UHC would cover the new drugs and that the Temodar would be delivered via mail because I have to start it the day I get the chemo IV. The doctors office would call to get pre-notification approved and was told I was covered. I would call UHC myself and be told I wasn’t covered. This continued all afternoon 🙂 I left it in the Lord’s hands.

Megan joined me on my walk Thursday. We went a bit farther and had the benefit of a bit more breeze. She leaves in 10 days for San Diego for 9 weeks. We are really going to miss her.

Thursday night Cal got Eileen and I tickets to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound at our church. You may feel about Southern Gospel Quartets like I did. I never liked the songs we performed at church initially, but by the time we had done all the performances I liked them a lot more. Well, after my surgery Cal loaned me a few CDs and DVDs. One of the DVDs was of Ernie Haase. Reluctantly Eileen and I watched it. We were blown away. You have to see these guys to believe it. Incredible voices. Especially the bass and Ernie’s high tenor voice, which is the part I attempt to sing. It would be excellent to sing that well and that high. Maybe in heaven 🙂

Despite my head hurting as bad as it has in a while, I really enjoyed myself. Here are a few other pictures from the evening. Thanks, Cal!

I almost canceled my new drug treatment this morning because I have been a bit sick/nauseous the past few days, but I woke up and decided to go for it. Eileen and I got there around 10am and were in our hospital room ready to go by 10:30. I was actually on a conference call using their wireless network and SkypeOut.

Unfortunately the pharmacy hadn’t mixed my chemo cocktail and we didn’t get started until almost 1:40! What a bummer. The good thing was that they brought me food to eat and then brought me a second meal , which Eileen appreciated. Here is my nurse in her smurf outfit, to protect her from the chemicals, getting me ready to take the CPT-11 first and then the Avastin. Notice I have no outfit. I’m becoming Iron Man. Oh, before either of those she gave me Zofran and Decadron for nausea – I just CAN’T get away from that stinkin’ decadron.

Mike and Wendy stopped by and we got to play some euchre for the first time in a while. Mike and I won quickly and I felt like my old self again, as I’m sure Wendy did too 😉

Almost four hours later here I am resting hoping to finally be done.

I actually felt pretty good when we left the hospital. I was a bit tired, and rested when we got home and then started to feel much worse. I wanted to take kytril for my nausea and next time I’m going to insist. I’m just about ready to take my first of five days of Temodar and hope it doesn’t add to my nausea, but hey, the headache is better than it was yesterday, so I’m thankful. If I could just put a few of these things together on the same day that would be fantastic!

I have no doubt that I’m doing as well as I am once again because all of you are praying faithfully for me. God is answering those prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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