Don Bowen Update: 2008-06-18

I mentioned an awesome series on Faith, Hope and Luck by Andy Stanley, but then found out it was gone. The podcasts are only available on iTunes until one week after the series ends. BUT, I did find it and you can either listen to it or watch it online. Click here and then click on the right arrow until “Faith, Hope and Luck” appears. These are incredible messages.

My lack of updates has NOT been because I haven’t felt good, just been busy doing other stuff.

Saturday was nice and though I was still nauseous and had a headache we enjoyed attending a reception for Austin and his new bride, Ashley. He is the son of our friends Dan and Sherie.

They had all my favorite blow-up rides and I took full advantage.

Actually I staged this, but here is me on a much nicer ride. It’s a new Toyota our friends Greg and Pattie just bought. For some reason they wouldn’t let me take it for a quick spin πŸ™‚

Sunday was a nice Father’s Day and I watched the final round, or what I thought was the final round, of the US Open. Unbelievable! Possibly the best US Open ever. That night my girls took me out to Olive Garden for dinner. While we were waiting a couple in their 80s were going out to their car holding hands. The wife had a cane. I pointed them out to Eileen and said, “That will be us in another 40 years.” She quickly said, “Only you’ll be using the cane.” This is what I have to put up with πŸ™‚

Eileen walked with me both Saturday and Monday. She is always pointing out that I don’t look for cars when I cross streets and refuses to accept my answer that I do when she isn’t with me. I think it’s funny that Megan is in San Diego and we’re having the same weather. Unfortunately that won’t continue for 8 more weeks.

Monday I taped and then watched both the playoff round and sudden death of the US Open. Talk about pressing on through pain. What Tiger did eludes superlatives.

Tuesday, right after arguing with Lauren and then arguing with my wife about that argument, I left for my walk. I had a number of sermons on my ipod and “randomly” selected one. I couldn’t even read the title, which turned out to be “Go Ahead And Say It.” It was excellent, but cut me to the core about the words I had said only moments earlier. Do you remember the most encouraging words someone has said to you? I do. But I also remember words that stung and hurt. God used the coincidence of me selecting this podcast to remind me that far too often I am guilty of discouraging others, mostly my family, rather than building them up.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (Eph 4:29)

I know better, but I’m lazy and selfish. Well, when I got back home I apologized to both Lauren and Eileen. You would think someone in my position and state wouldn’t struggle with this, but it just isn’t the case. A big lesson to me through this journey has been that no life event, including something life threatening, will necessarily vaccinate you against your humanness. Darn. By God’s grace I will do better.

You might think getting UnitedHealthcare to extend in-patient services for Dr. Geoffroy to include his giving me my bi-weekly chemo in his office would be easy. You would be incredibly wrong. After a week of phone calls back and forth to UHC and Geoffroy’s office I now have a firm “We may be able to do this, but not if you want it by Friday.” So, I will be getting admitted to the hospital again for my IV this week. There is a chance that this may be the best option anyway. I hear it is much less comfortable and can take just as long at Geoffroy’s office, though it is less than two miles away. The good news is that my blood work came back good and I’m cleared for my second treatment. No Temodar at the same time, which will be nice. Please pray for no side-effects, especially the nausea.

Eileen and I went to see The Incredible Hulk last night and it was better than I thought. No Iron Man for sure, but OK. So what Marvel character will we see next?

Last Thursday Mike and Wendy stopped by and we played euchre. Mike and I got nine points almost immediately and then must have gotten sidetracked talking about some important world event. Anyway, before we came to, Wendy and Eileen got to 10. I neglected to mention this the next day in my blog. Wendy wrote me a note and said, “Typical.” I replied, “Sorry, it slipped my mind. I HAVE BRAIN CANCER!” To which she said, something like, “Whatever.” I’m still hurt, but rather than get upset I’m going to encourage her by having her listen to “Go Ahead And Say It” πŸ™‚

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is continuing to answer BIG. My stomach and taste aren’t back to normal, but I’m feeling very good this week and hoping it will continue for a while.

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!

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