Don Bowen Update: 2008-07-04

Happy 4th of July! With all due respect for my foreign friends, who I truly love, may God bless America!

Have I mentioned my pride before? 🙂 Before I did my blood work on Wednesday I snapped a quick picture of my arm veins.

I thought they looked pretty good. Granted I may not get stuck as much as some do, but it is more than often enough for me. We just got back from the hospital and my 3rd chemo IV. This was by far the hardest for me. First, it took FOUR sticks, the last done by a crisis nurse, to get the IV in place.

Pride definitely does come before the fall. 🙂 I took a new additional anti-nausea drug today called Emend. I was supposed to take the first and strongest pill an hour before the chemo, but it ended up being closer to two and a half hours. I don’t know if it was that or what, but this is by far the worst I’ve felt when getting the chemo. I get muscle twitches all over my body, but more today than ever. My legs feel like they are filled with concrete. If I tried to do a deep knee bend it would be a one way trip 🙂

Please pray for my singing and interview at church tomorrow. I would be hard pressed to make it if I had to go right now. Hopefully a good night’s rest will make a big difference – that and our prayers.

My pride also took a blow in cribbage. Mike and his kids came over for a visit last night and after dinner I stupidly said, “I’m 3-0, who wants to be my next victim?” Mike then skunked me and Joe beat me pretty soundly so I quit while I was ahead.

Not sure if it is sympathy menopause or the chemo, but I’m having hot flashes and they aren’t fun. My head pain has been worse these past few days and last night I had a few sharp pains, but so far nothing like what I had when this started, so that is good news. Still makes sleeping hard.

I’m a bit worried about my weight, though my gut and love handles seem to be incredibly resilient to all of this, which is a bit discouraging. I for sure don’t have anything left to lose in my legs 🙂 Eating is hard at times. Sometimes because I don’t feel well, like right now, and other times because stuff just doesn’t taste very good. One thing that always tastes good is ice cream , fruit and chocolate protein shakes.

I got back to looking into how I’m going to get to Duke on July 28th and amazingly American had flights for fewer frequent flier miles than last time, which is fantastic. The only problem is that my flight gets to Raleigh at 12:20am, so I’m not sure if that will work. I may go by myself, but it is possible Eileen or Mike will join me. I have to decide by Tuesday so pray for wisdom.

We just got a call from Megan in San Diego on her way with her campers and fellow Camp La Jolla counselors to Sea World. Rough life, but then for $2K a week you’d expect as much. I had to laugh when she said her campers call her their fairy because she is small and always peppy 🙂 That’s my girl!

I hope to be out in the lobby and atrium after each of the three services, so maybe I’ll see some of you there.

I need a miracle, God specializes in the, pray BIG!


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