Don Bowen Update: 2008-08-12

It has been a pretty busy week and I had no time to write. Wednesday night I attended a dinner for volunteers helping with the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, and my church was one of the 100+ simulcast sites. Cal told all of us they had made changes and it was going to be good. It was better than any of us could have expected, probably the best ever.

My friend Kevin LeMay came to attend with me and visit for a few days. For a couple sessions we sat in our atrium and enjoyed coffee and being online, but it was much better in the auditorium.

I put my highlights in a separate blog entry (which won’t be emailed out).

Thursday night I took Kevin on my walk. I think he has new found respect for walking 🙂 After dinner we started the cribbage competition, which lasted for four days. I won the first two out of three, but after he won the second I started wondering when Wendy would come back from Seoul 🙂 Fortunately, I won three out of the next four and he said, “Uncle!” Of course he also said that if Wendy starts winning she owes him. Not to worry 🙂

After the conference Friday, my friend Eve Maler, who flew in for a visit all the way from Seattle, joined Kevin and I on the walk before dinner. I actually had started us walking in circles near the end, but Kevin was there to save us, having just gone with me the day before 🙂 Don’t tell Eileen or she’ll make a big deal out of nothing. Eve brought a gift that included “Seattle Space Noodles.” Clever.

After dinner at Old Chicago we came home and taught Eve how to play “The Great Dalmuti”, which is a really fun game where the first person to get rid of their cards is The Great Dalmuti, the next is The Lesser Dalmuti, the next to last is The Lesser Peon and the last is The Greater Peon. The Greater Peon has to wear the ugliest hat, has to deal the cards for the next hand and has to wait on the rest of the players, which is the most fun part.

How we convinced Kevin, who was The Great Dalmuti, to wear Amy’s tiara is still a mystery, but so worth it. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks for the visit, Eve. Every time we’re together I’m impressed and my vocabulary is challenged. The visit meant a lot.

Saturday Kevin and I walked the Rock Island Trail, which I haven’t done for years. The great part is that its almost completely covered by trees so its actually quite cool. The problem is that its a couple miles from my house and I can’t drive – or can I? 🙂 That night we watched the movie “21” and I was pleasantly surprised that they had taken liberties with the story at the end. Movie watching is all about expectations and mine were low and exceeded. The perfect combination.

Sunday we got to hear Bill Butterworth speak at my church. Bill’s message was great, but as I mentioned the other day, Kirk Moser performed a song he wrote just for the occasion, called “Rearview Mirror.” It’s available on iTunes as part of the Northwoods Community Church subscription.

Sunday late afternoon Kevin and I played some frisbee golf, which was a lot of fun.

Mike and I used to play all the time, but it has been a while. I lost one of Mike’s new frisbees on my first throw. I told Kevin, “Maybe he wanted a new frisbee”. Kevin said, “That was a new frisbee” 🙂 I found out Mike hadn’t even thrown it. Fortunately, he went back to the course the next day and found it, amazingly.

Monday Kevin had to return home. I’ll miss his company and not just because I was thrashing him at cribbage, but I did like that, too. You have to watch those Canadians. They are very creative at pegging. Thanks for visiting, Kevin. When are you moving up here?

Last night Eileen was helping me fill out a survey for a Duke brain tumor study. She said, “Now how in the world would you know the answer to this question. ‘Have you ever lived near a rubber plant?'” I said, “Definitely not.” To which she defensively said, “How could you possibly know?” Then I realized she thought it meant “leafy plant” as opposed to “factory plant”. We both started laughing and I said, “You just made the blog!”

I get my labs done tomorrow to see if I can have my IV on Friday. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. I’m not excited about it, but want to stay on schedule. Please pray my platelets are over 100K and I’m not anemic. I stopped taking the anti-nausea pills the other day and the nausea hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had headaches every day, but nothing too bad. God is so good to me. Keep praying, but I totally believe he is healing me. Just wait until my eyesight returns. It’s going to happen and I will be shouting his praises from the rooftops. I just need Eileen to steady the ladder and talk me to the top since I’m very afraid of heights.

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” (Matthew 10:27)

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!

One Response to “Don Bowen Update: 2008-08-12”

  1. Canuck Says:

    Here is the answer to how you got a picture of me in a Tiara – “I am confident in my manhood” … yup that and being Canadian I figure is a good excuse if that one doesn’t hold up. If you look closely at the center of it you will see that it lights up as well and was in sync with my eyes it seems 🙂

    Don I had a great time visiting you and your family as always and look forward to the next Cribbage Olympics (in fact Kelly asked about that .. it should be an Olympic event). As I told you, find me a wife up there and I will move there 😉 .. simple !

    Remember next year we are going to the Leadership Summit live and in person.


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