Don Bowen Update: 2008-10-18

I had a pretty good week. I felt fairly well for the better part of most days, though Wednesday night I did struggle with fear for the first time in a while. Not only was my head hurting, but I was really struggling with my vision. As much as I feel like I’ve been able to just trust God for my future, it’s amazing how quickly I can allow fear to sink its claws into me. It does remind me of my dependence on the Lord and, at least figuratively, drives me to my knees in prayer.

The LORD will guide you always;
he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

(Isaiah 58:11)

You would laugh if you saw the stupid little things I do to test my vision when I feel like it’s worse. I can just hear someone saying to a friend, “Who is that man waving at? Is he retarded?” Maybe, but that isn’t why I’m waving.

The kids were out of school Monday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday night I realized Eileen needed to get away so I took her to see “The Express”, the true story about Ernie Davis. We loved it and would highly recommend it. Pretty emotional for me.

You’d think after 24 years I would know most everything about the woman I’m married to, but I don’t. We’re sitting there during the movie and she says, “I almost went to college at Syracuse.” (Where Ernie Davis attended) What?! We met at Western Illinois University and that really surprised me. Can’t see Eileen being an Orangeman.

Kelly got her license on Thursday. I’m not trying to keep you up on life at the Bowen’s – this is a public service announcement 🙂 Seriously, she’s a good driver. She invited and drove me to breakfast on Friday and we had a really nice father/daughter chat.

Exercise Update: I started doing push-ups and some weights again on Monday, but by Thursday night my right arm with the torn rotator cuff was in real pain and I felt like I needed a sling. It hurts even worse today so I guess the bald and flabby look is going to have to work for me 🙂

My incredible friends in Austin (Tamara, Kevin and Andy) bought us tickets to see the play Mama Mia! and we attended last night. They even paid for the parking! We love musicals and this one features ABBA’s chart topping songs from 1975. We really enjoyed being transported back 32 years to high school. Remember Dancing Queen, Mama Mia! and Take A Chance On Me?

One of the fun and funny parts was getting seated. They bought us BOX SEATS! You know, like those old guys on the muppets sat in 🙂 Fun. What was funny is that we initially thought we had box seats and I said, “I’m going to have to hurt those guys”, meaning they should not have bought those kinds of seats. When we got redirected to the other side I calmed down, but on the way I called Tamara and said, “I thought I was going to have to hurt you for putting us in box seats.” I should have known something was up when she sounded alarmed. “You have good seats, right? You can see well, right?”. I assured her it was going to be fine and we headed, I thought, to sit in our rightful place with the common folk. 🙂 Minutes later we were sitting in our box seats – with big grins on our faces.

Fortunately the rules about “absolutely no photography” don’t apply to cancer patients who blog! Here are a few other pictures.

Mike and Wendy came by on their way refrigerator shopping this afternoon. Wendy wants one that she can see in better without bending down. Like that’s the reason I keep finding moldy food in the back 🙂 When I offered to go and help them look she claims she said, “Oh, that would be lovely”, but she really said, “Oh, that’s JUST what I want!” So I did 🙂

Pray for my trip to Austin tomorrow. Not having my seeing eye wife really will be an issue, but I’m also a bit worried about my energy level for those three days. At the same time I could not be more excited. They are having a get together on Monday night where I will get to see people I haven’t seen in almost a year. It’s emotional just thinking about it. You guys better accept hugs and not be embarrassed by tears!

After flying well over 100 segments and 100K miles a year for the past five, this is my first purchased flights in 2008. I’m flying first class for two of the four segments, but my status ends in Feb 2009 – or will it? I’m going to have fun trying to finagle them into giving it to me for another year. 🙂

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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