Don Bowen Update: 2008-10-23

I had a great trip to Austin this week. I left early Sunday morning and was getting a tour of my friend Tamara’s house before noon. You can see more of the house here.

I stayed at my friend and business partner Steve’s house, which is also quite impressive. He and his wife Karla have four kids, including triplets. If he could bottle their energy he could retire. On Monday we went to meet with the lawyers for our business. It was the first time I have worn a coat for work in over a year!

He’s taller, but I’m better looking. You can see why I didn’t argue with him when he said he had to be CEO :-).  We’ve been close friends since he wooed me to Sun in 2001. Getting to work with him (and my other friends) every day is a major blessing and lots of fun. You can see more pictures of his house and adorable kids here. They pray for me regularly and his oldest daughter, Sierra, who is 7, asked him, “Daddy, can I get the cancer by hugging Mr. Don?” Doesn’t that tug on your heart? I got lots of hugs from all the kids and loved it.

On Monday night they had a get-together for me and I got to see many old friends. Some of them are still at Sun, but many have moved on to other companies. Click on the picture to see others who attended.

A few I had met in the course of working at Sun. I even invited a couple people that are helping me in our new business and they stopped by. One of them did so before his 24th wedding anniversary celebration! I was humbled that people took the time to come and see me. It meant a lot guys. Having friends like you really does give me strength to continue this battle against brain cancer.

I had headaches during the evenings, but felt pretty good for the majority of the trip. Thanks for praying. I had to fly back Tuesday night so I could get my lab work on Wednesday and get my doctor to approve treatment for Friday, which he did. I also asked him about my arm.

He thought it might be poison ivy, but was sure enough it’s shingles (adult chicken pox) that he prescribed a week of anti-virus medication. Not only were the pills $60, but the side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache! How fun. Why can’t the side effects of these drugs be laughter, improved muscle tone, nice breath or something nice? Sheesh!

Once a year our very good friend Jim comes to stay with us while he attends a mission conference. He is a regional director for the Navigators in Colorado where he lives with his wife and two sons. Jim was a roommate after college and was a groomsman in our wedding. He’s one of the godliest men I know and some of the best times of laughter either of us have had have been together. I’m talking, can’t breathe, fall down on the ground laughter.

I’ll never forget first meeting him at a Navigator Friday night meeting that my friend Kent had somehow talked me into attending. I remember being amazed that he knew bible verses from memory. How appropriate that he shared Mark 8:36 with me:

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

We love you, Jim, and can’t wait for next year.

Exercise update: I have seriously been a slacker this past week. I think I walked only two days, but one of them was in Austin with my friend Kevin and I really enjoyed talking and praying together. I must do better this week.

Car update:  Amy called me tonight and said her car is having real problems. Sounds like it could be the transmission 😦 We are blessed that we got our new(er) car a few weeks ago. Thanks, Rod!

I’m doing my 11th treatment tomorrow and starting the sixth full cycle. I’m past the halfway point as long as things continue to go well, but it sure seems like I have a long way to go. I have to confess that I’m just not thrilled with the Mr. Clean look, though having those muscles would be nice 🙂

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


One Response to “Don Bowen Update: 2008-10-23”

  1. Janelle Robison Says:

    Dear Don,

    I truly understand about how tiresome it is to constantly see nothing but the blinding shine from my bald head. I am four years out and by the grace of God “Cancer Free”. None of my doctors can understand why I was chosen to remain bald and yet still beautiful. My husband, Rob, thinks I’m even more beautiful bald than when I had hair. I think he’s the greatest liar I know but I love him dearly for his wonderful attitude. The down side to my beautiful slick head is that everyone thinks that i’m still sick and going through Chemo. It’s just a little bit depressing but God has blessed my life and returned my health and sense of humor. Just think of all the money we save on shampoo, conditioner, hair cuts and it’s wonderful to be outside when the wind is blowing and not have hair in my face. When I think about God’s blessing in my life I realize that He really does put a silver lining in every cloud just to see if we can find it and the happiness that it brings.

    You are one of God’s Special People and I pray as BIG as I can that He will heal you and destroy this terrible disease. May God bless and keep you and your wonderful family in the safety of His embrace.

    Janelle Diggs Robison

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