Don Bowen Update: 2008-11-24

IN THIS UPDATE: Journal Star interview, Update on headaches, Andy visits, new vision issues, last treatment, Megan visits with fellow Bradley RAs.

Before I went to Duke I got a call from Peoria Journal Star Feature Editor Ryan Ori. Someone had pointed him to my blog and he asked if he could interview me for a story. You know how shy I am, but I agreed.

Ryan took me to Applebee’s where he grilled me and I loved it 🙂 I think he said the article will be out a week from Wednesday. I’m supposed to get a copy, which is nice because we only get the paper on the weekend.

My sincere apologies for not sending another update since my SOS about my severe headaches. The headaches were really bad both Wed and Thu night, which is unfortunately when my friend and now co-worker, Andy Land, came for a visit.

We probably got more done than I felt, but he had to be very accommodating. Several times I had to go lay down to deal with the pain. If he thought I was a slacker before, I can only imagine what he thinks now 🙂

I think part of the problem is my eyesight. I lost a lot more left side vision last week. It’s the same kind of vision loss as when this first started and concerns me because my doctors had said when the tumor came back it would announce itself the same way. However, it was just eight days ago that I had a “terrific” MRI so we’re not sure what is going on. I wish I could capture a picture of what my sight looks like, but then I realized that for me to draw anything it would be so bad none of you could make it out. Plus, it might give you a headache! I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist tomorrow morning.

Thanks to God’s goodness and answers to your considerable prayers I did not have any headache during my treatment on Friday. We actually got out of the hospital by around 2:30, which is early. I spent most of Friday night and much of the weekend laying down with my eyes closed.

Saturday night we went to Garber’s for dinner and then watched one of Lisa’s favorite new shows called “Corner Gas”. Have you seen it? I had seen it once before and thought it was stupid, but have to admit it wasn’t bad. Lots of sarcasm and dry humor, which I enjoy. Blame Wendy if you check it out and don’t like it. 🙂

OK, so Sunday I had my eyes closed during Cal’s sermon, but I promise I was NOT sleeping. The title was “Be The One to Say Thanks.” and the context was the 10 lepers, of which only one came back to Jesus to say “Thanks” for being healed. As Cal pointed out, they were all healed, but the one who said thanks was told by Jesus “Your faith has made you well.” I’m a big believer in being thankful, though I know I could often do a better job, especially with my wife. I’m thankful for each day. For the fact that I can still smell, taste (sometimes), feel, hear, move about (slowly) and, yes, even see. I’m thankful for an incredible wife, wonderful daughters, great parents, siblings and in-laws and the best group of friends on the planet. As a result, even though I’m battling cancer and all that has come with it, “I’m well!” If you want to remind me of that frequently, feel free.

Eileen just came in to my office and we had this brief conversation:

Don: I really wish I could see better

Eileen: I’m willing to smack you on the back of the head if you think that would help

Don: <sly smile>

Eileen: You’re putting that in the blog, aren’t you?

Don: <big smile>

Eileen: (laughing) I’ve got to be more careful with what I say.

I think what made last week even harder was news about several friends. My friend Tim is having his third brain surgery today. My friend Pam just found out that her cancer is back after almost five years of being cancer-free. Pray for them and continue to pray for me. Pray for improved eyesight, no headaches and a cancer-free brain and body.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but I heard Kris Collinsworth on CBS Sports say that he thinks the Jets may be the best team in the AFC! He even said a Super Bowl between the Giants and Jets is a possibility, though I’m still hoping for it to be the Packers and the Jets. Green Bay MUST beat the Saints tonight.

Last night Megan came over with all of her Co-RAs from Heitz hall at Bradley and they made Thanksgiving dinner. I was not sure I could eat anything last night, but it was just what I needed. What a great group of young people. I’m proud of you, Megan!

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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