Don Bowen Update: 2009-02-05

In this update: vision; temodar; Rejected by AA!; hair; Eileen’s new do; free Denny’s; new cribbage player; time bandits; insurance

I’ve missed a few great pictures that illustrate how vision challenged I am. I love to take long hot showers. One of the negative side-effects from that, especially during the winter, is dry skin that itches. To help, I decided to put some lotion on the other day, but by the time I realized I was pressing the pump right in my blind spot I had half the bottle squeezed out. It would have been a great picture. What a mess, but quite funny.

I just finished taking my temodar for this cycle (4 week period) and I really do hate that stuff. However, one of the reasons I blog about this is to encourage others who are on a similar journey and battling cancer. I don’t want anyone who reads this to think that having to take temodar is hard. It’s actually very easy and I’m thankful to just take pills and not have another IV. As I’ve said many times, it beats the alternative! 🙂

Well, it finally happened. I lost my American Airlines Executive Platinum Status, with its free first-class upgrades and free checked luggage. Bummer. I had asked American to let me retain my status because my travel for 2008 had been limited due to my brain cancer. How could they reject that? I mean I was Exec Plat (that’s what we call it when we talk to each other :-)) for five years!

Turns out that doesn’t matter. For any of you that know me you know that “no” just means you don’t understand what I’m asking for or I just haven’t asked you enough. However, the rejection letter from American is so good that as a tribute to the author I am both posting it and not going to pursue it further. I know – UNBELIEVABLE! Yet true. I will let it go. I may have to take another year-old set of underwear back to the store as therapy 🙂 If you click on the picture you can read the  “after careful consideration” paragraph, which is the heart of the rejection. The fact that it is the third paragraph tells you that this guy is good.

It’s hard to tell from any distance, but if you see me up close you would say that I look like my pre-cancer self. I have to believe it was the two weeks off at Christmas, but whatever it is I have hair growing everywhere. That is, except my nose, where I desperately need it. Wait, I don’t have it in my ears either and I’m good with that. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to always tell Eileen that if she ever had to do my grooming I didn’t want her combing my ear hair up to cover my head. She used to laugh hysterically and God must have known this worried me. I feel safe now.

Speaking of hair, Eileen got a new do yesterday and all of us really liked it (this is Megan’s first peek). For some reason it took Kelly to get a decent smile out of her.

When you get married and say “For better or worse” you don’t really know what you’re signing up for. For all I know my mom, who liked Eileen from the start, tried to warn her. For almost 29 years this woman has loved me and never more sacrificially than the last 14 months. I’ve told her many times, she is Jesus with skin on to me and lives out one of my very favorite verses in the bible:

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

(1 John 3:18)

I love you, Cutie (but I’m not removing  these pictures of you. Sorry)

You are reading the writing of one of the two to three million people who got a free Denny’s Grand-Slam breakfast on Tuesday. Eileen and I braved the cold and stood in a fairly short line to get two pancakes, two eggs, two sausage links and two pieces of bacon. Yes, it was worth it and we were in and out in an hour. We saw the offer during the Super Bowl. Hey, I don’t need to hear “free” twice 😉

FINALLY I have someone to play cribbage with in my house. I have been trying for a while to get Eileen or one of the girls to learn, but just couldn’t make it happen. Last weekend I even tried luring Kelly with one of her favorite things – money. I said I’d pay her $10/hour to learn. Nothin! Monday I came down for lunch and there was Amy. I had to ask a couple times, but she agreed and learned very quickly. I’m thinking of changing my will 🙂 Sorry, Kel!

When I walk I love to listen to Andy Stanley. I’m listening now to his series called “The Best Question Ever: How to Foolproof Your Life.” It’s based on his book by the same name. Whether you are even slightly religious or not the 4th part, called Time Bandits, is a must listen. I promise you won’t be sorry for investing 42 minutes. I finally found it on Odeo, so click here to listen. Do it soon because I don’t know how long it will stay. You can subscribe to his podcasts on itunes. Highly recommended. Eileen, Megan, Amy, Kelly and Lauren – there will be a test 🙂

I got an email from my friend Bo the other day asking about my insurance situation. He prays for me all the time, but wanted to get more specific about insurance because he knows my COBRA runs out on June 2nd. It reminded me of how important and pressing that is, so I thought I would share these requests with you and ask you to pray this for me, too.

– That I find affordable insurance for medical and medication costs

– That I don’t have to take another job to get coverage

– That I will be done forever with treatment in May

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


3 Responses to “Don Bowen Update: 2009-02-05”

  1. Pam Lingenfelter Says:

    Please tell Eileen she is just adorable and the new do looks great! Nice to hear you so “up”! Praying for the insurance situation.

    PS-Your new do looks nice, too!

  2. beuchelt Says:

    Glad you are feeling so much better – And please be assured that I very much hope and pray for those miracles!



  3. Patrick Hubbard Says:

    First they came for my AA Executive Platinum and I said nothing. Then they told me to pay $400 to keep my Platinum and I did. Then the next year they shoved me to Gold. Now they want me to pay $350 to keep that or I’ll fall to.. paper? What do you call the lowest level of AAvantage?

    I’m praying that you’ll be stuck, grumbling in coach for a looong time. 😉



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