Don Bowen Update: 2009-04-29

In this update: last temodar, vision worsens, DeSoto, Baskin Robbins, Brooke is 21, 2nd place

I usually write in chronological order, but I want to start with what I really need prayer about. Today for the first time in a while my vision got worse. So much so that I had to stop work. I have been pushing myself a bit hard so I hoped rest would help. It is bad enough that trying to do things on my computer are very hard. Bad enough that I actually have started taking decadron, the steroid I hate. Please pray that it reduces swelling, which in turn reduces the pain and restores vision on my left side.

Megan came over tonight so we could go to the Baskin Robbins 31 cent per scoop special and I said, “If my vision doesn’t get better mom may have to start helping me do my job.” She immediately responded, “She already does everything around here.” It wasn’t a criticism and I didn’t take it that way. If I didn’t have the amazing wife I do I would really be in trouble. God is good. Oh, we got 10 scoops for $3.41 and my cappuchino chip and mint chocolate chip were fantastic. You always have to get mint chocolate chip, don’t you? I will say the chocolate and peanut butter was darn good.

I took my last day of temodar pills yesterday and I hope I never have to take it again the rest of my life. This has been a tough round for me, maybe because I was off an extra two weeks. I don’t know. I think the worst part has been the nasty taste in my mouth, but I am very thankful I don’t have any cancer sores. Sidenote: I find putting alum on my cancer sores makes them heal faster. I gave some to Joey tonight and he is not quite as convinced and left still in pain.

Speaking of thankful, I spent my entire walk on Monday thanking God for things in my life starting at the beginning. I could pray for hours doing that and was brought to tears thanking him for parents, siblings, teachers, jobs, friends, wife, kids, protection, Him, etc. Like Julie Andrews said, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” Try it. I know times are tough and life is hard, but changing your focus will change your perspective. This really works, which should be no surprise because it is exactly what God says in Philippians 4:6-7.

Saturday night we rented a movie from Redbox and saw this beautiful 1957 DeSoto and met the owner, Leroy Thompson, who had restored it himself. The interior was impressive, but the paint job is just exquisite.

I’m always so impressed when I see workmanship like this that I totally can’t relate to. It causes moments of insanity. I think, “I’d love to do something like this.” and then reality steps in and says, “You can’t even fix the grout in your tub” and you go back to admiring Leroy and his car 🙂

Sunday we got to celebrate Brooke’s birthday with her parents Blake and Brenda, who live in Springfield, IL. Where was Brooke’s boyfriend of 4 years? Well at the Cubs-Cardinals game in St. Louis, of course. He missed some great angelfood cake and berries.

I would have posted another picture, but Amy was wearing a Pujols jersey, since her boyfriend is a Card fan, and I just couldn’t bring myself to disappoint her grandfather like that.

I always used to have angelfood cake for my birthday and it occurred to me on Sunday that it may not have been my mom making a commentary on my behavior. Though in my defense I have to say that my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Anstine just turned 99. I was quite tough on her, but maybe that made her more resilient? OK, maybe not. Many of my other teachers retired after having me in class. It wasn’t because they were thinking, “Once you’ve taught the best, why try to educate the rest.”

Tuesday I didn’t really feel up to going to trivia night, but I’m glad I did. I have to say, it’s no wonder Dunlap School District is one of the top in IL. These kids are very smart and fun to hang out with. I had hopes of winning, but we tied for 2nd and then won the tiebreaker, which was “How tall, in feet, is Mt Everest?” I had no clue, but Spencer immediately said, “29, 738” (or something), which was the closer answer. Eileen and I together combined for the answer to “What is the only anagram of the word “continued”?

For the second week in a row we did not have the help of Todd, Diane or Sarah Houseman. I don’t know where they were, to his credit Levi was there and is a faithful member of team Quinine. His parents raised him so well, but what happened to them? 🙂

I can only imagine how may mistakes Eileen had to correct tonight.

I need a miracle, God specializes in them, pray BIG!


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    Awesome blog, genius,

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