Don Bowen Update: 2009-05-17

In this update: treatment hangover,vision update, first golf outing, Scrabble pieces, work associates

I don’t know if it is the cumulative effect or what, but the treatment I had over a week ago is still affecting me. I can feel it hardening in my stomach like concrete setting up. You’ve probably never wondered which is worse? Constipation or diarrhea? But let me give you the answer, just in case it comes up in casual conversation at a party. Constipation is FAR worse. It has been the source of some of my biggest cries for help 🙂 I’m also fighting mouth sores a bit more this time and those are painful too. Thank goodness for Alum. I’ve actually shared some with friends. It is a dry white powder and when I gave it to one of them in a small plastic bag I felt like a drug dealer. Tastes terrible and burns, but it totally works.

My vision has not improved yet, but keep praying because I’m confident it will. It really has brought new meaning to “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” I hold on to rails (usually) when I walk down stairs. I try to let Eileen cut food for me because it would be easy to hack off fingers on the left, where I can’t see. Plus, I’d have to drive myself to the hospital and no one wants that. Walking outside on my own is totally out of the question. So, if you see me out there I’m probably on ambien and you should escort me home 🙂 One of the more frustrating things is not being able to distinguish people who aren’t VERY close. Don’t be afraid to yell out, “Hey, Don, it’s so-and-so” 🙂

I am constantly thinking about how many things I wish could speak to me, like my Mac. I truly marvel at how people with much more limited sight do it.

I can actually see the best when I first get up, but it degrades quickly and I’m not sure why. I am far from blind and very thankful for the vision I do have. I went to the eye doctor on Friday and they said I could see 20/20 with my glasses. I am a good guesser 🙂 He said I definitely do not have glaucoma. I hate getting my eyes dilated. It prevented me from seeing most of the day. Sadly I am seeing the neuro-opthamologist this Tuesday and have to do it again.

Saturday I went golfing for the first time this year at the Macomb Youth For Christ golf outing. My friend Doug treated us again and we had a great time. That’s code for played poorly and didn’t win.

I actually hit the ball well for not being able to see it. I didn’t say straight, just well. Putting is a real challenge because right-handed golfers like me try to see the hole in their left peripheral vision, which I no longer have. However, I sank a few medium length putts and a 20-25 footer on the last hole.

There was a $15,000 prize for a hole-in-one on the 17th hole. Due to all the rain we played the back nine twice. Despite Jeff and I praying for success, none of us did. Half went to the golfer and the other half to Youth for Christ. Of course we were praying for their half :-), right, Jeff?

I had four layers on, including my Packer hat because it was super cold and winds were 20-30 mph and didn’t let up. After three holes the non-stop wind was hurting my head bad enough that I had to go to the clubhouse for two holes. However, I recovered quickly and had the strength to finish 18. I can’t wait to get out again.

I rode with my friend Dan and once again he let me drive the cart a bit, which was much riskier this year. We took another video, though it isn’t as funny as last years, but take a look.

I asked our friend Jim Eller, who runs Eller Cabinets, to make me BIG Scrabble pieces for Eileen for Christmas. He gave us three of the pieces today after having to start over once. They couldn’t be more perfect. I shouldn’t be surprised because Eller is known for top quality wood working.

Eileen will add the letters B-O-W-E-N with their point values and they’ll be perfect with the rest of her “over-size” motif in our basement. Thanks, Jim!

Megan, who will be a senior studying dietetics (to be a registered dietician), made dinner tonight. She made sweet and sour red cabbage. What?! How much am I paying for this? She and Eileen liked it, but me, Amy and Joey don’t have refined taste buds. Fortunately she also made confetti cake cookies, which were quite good.

I don’t know what kind of business associates you have, but I have been in the Identity Management business now for a little over 12 years and I have to say mine are some of the most exceptional people I know. Even my competitors send me encouraging notes and pray for me. It is amazing, humbling and quite encouraging.

I’m expecting a miracle, God’s gonna deliver it, pray BIG!


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