Don Bowen Health Update 2009-09-30

I have employed another guest editor. My dad is writing this for me. Strength has been elusive today. I was interviewed by Dave Marks from my Northwoods Community Church this morning regarding the meaning and value of biblical scripture in my life…. I confessed before the camera that God’s word in the scriptures has sustained my life in the past and the present. HE is in charge. I know it, I thank HIM for it and praise HIM for all HIS love that I enjoy.

Dave Marks and Don

Dave Marks and Don

Last Monday the Dr. told me that my body was, at that time, unable to withstand further treatment. On Friday of this week, I will have laboratory work that will determine whether or not my body can handle treatment that day. The Doctor will decide, with my consent, if and when the next treatment will happen. His opinion was, on Monday that further treatment may be as harmful to my body as it may be beneficial. Stay tuned for the report after next Friday.

I need a miracle.  I’m expecting God to deliver one, pray big.


6 Responses to “Don Bowen Health Update 2009-09-30”

  1. Ed Etherton Says:

    Words can’t express my admiration of you and your living testimony of your love for your family, friends and especially of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray God and His Holy Spirit will give you the strength to endure your battle.
    May you continue to find joy and a laugh each day and know there is always hope in Christ.
    Love and Peace,

  2. Marcus - Megabrains - Sodre Says:

    Extended editorial team approved! Now I only like to request a surprisingly happy ending to this story with a miracle thrown in as a well deserved recognition to the star of the show: Don! Keep it up handsome! Marcus – Megabrains – Sodre – P.S. Sorry, can’t accept any further invitations as guest writer nor chief editor!

  3. Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING Says:


    Your strength and courage through this battle are incredibly inspirational. I want you to know that your response to your condition motivates people. It inspires people. It enthuses people. I watched it with Brian. His constant good attitude. His desire to please His savior no matter the test result or outcome.

    I still see it today in myself – in my ability to handle my new circumstances. Brian’s legacy lives in me and my children and his brothers and my family and his family. We handle our troubles differently. We handle our circumstances with more grace than I knew was possible. IF Brian could do it, then I can do it. I have more patience than I ever did before. I have more wisdom than I did before. And it is a result of watching Brian allow Christ to use him to exude such qualities. He gives us all such graces and gifts if we let Him.

    I love you and your entire family, Don.

    Eileen, if you want to talk, you can call me 309-240-5042 or email me I know the frustration of having no direction with treatment. What next? What this week? What will happen next week? Sometimes just a decision is all we need to give us a bit of sanity. I love and appreciate Dr. Geoffroy’s desire to please his patients, but I get frustrated with getting an answer out of him sometimes.


  4. Alice Davenport Says:

    Dear friends,
    It is always difficult for a doctor to break the news that further treatment is not the best plan. It is just as hard for you to accept that news. Don, you have been granted an extra span of time to this point. I pray that you can celebrate that at the same time that you are preparing your family for the next steps. Your job now may be to plan a “good experience” in the last weeks of you life – with the help of Hospice – rather than not doing that. In Christ, Rev. Alice Davenport

  5. Scot Steinheiser Says:

    Don and Eileen:

    Hi from the rainy northern flatlands of Illinois. Suzy and I have been praying for you and your girls ever since Bart Fuller let us know you were battling cancer early in your treatment. I am so sorry we lost contact a number of years ago. (My mom went through a rough time of breast, lung and brain cancer back in 2002-2003, and then things got a little hectic for a few years after that when two of our boys were diagnosed with bipolar disorder.) Even so, I’m sorry we lost contact and ask for your forgiveness for any hurt we may have caused you guys by not responding to your faithful notes and messages over the years.

    Your love for each other, your family and your love of Jesus has always been an inspiration for us. we will keep praying. We are grateful we met you guys at Western.

    Love you guys,

    Scot, and Suzy

  6. Patie McCracken Says:

    Dear Don and the Bowen family,
    I just wanted to drop a short note that I am thinking of you and sending prayers your way. You’re positive attitude and kindness to all is so inspiring.

    I wish you comfort and continuing joy with your family. I feel I have gotten to know them through your blog. What a blessing your blog has been to so many people…even folks who may not know you.

    Peace be with you,

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