Don Bowen Health Update 2009-10-6

Lab results on Friday, 10-2-09 indicated platelets were too low to permit chemo therapy.  Dr. said we’d wait to see the lab results next Friday, 10-09-09 to see if additional therapy can be permitted at that time.

Visitors have continued to shower me with their good wishes, delicious food, enjoyable conversation and prayers.  Here are some pictures:

Steve Shoaff (long time friend and CEO of UnboundID), me, brother Steve and father Bob.

Steve Shoaff, me, brother Steve and father Bob Bowen

Church friends, me, Mark Burnham (long time friend and Financial Consultant).

Jennifer/Bob Thiel and Mark Burnham

About 40 members of my Northwoods Community church came for a visit at my house on Thursday, October 1.  We sang, prayed and read scripture for over an hour.  Afterwords, each member introduced them self to me since several of them were new to the choir and to me.  Enjoy as much of this 10 min. video as you like.

My high school friend, John Distefano (Management Consultant from St. Louis) stopped by for a visit so we could recall some of the exciting events of our youthful days.

Today, the two families of my close friends and former business partners in Lighthouse Software, Mike Monohan and Todd Garber came to my house for one of their frequent visits.

Friends in Prayer

Friends in Prayer

Parents, Monohans and Garbers

Parents, Monohans and Garbers

It has been good to be with my family and friends.

I need a miracle.  I’m expecting God to deliver one, pray big.

Don and my Dad


2 Responses to “Don Bowen Health Update 2009-10-6”

  1. Brent Thurrell Says:

    Just to let you know that I am still keeping an eye on you Don. I hope that all goes well on Friday. Praying big. With love from all my family here in the UK. Brent

  2. Elijah Elkins Says:

    Hey, we all love Amy here at school and in turn love you also. So we’re praying with you for a miracle… God’s bigger than this.

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