Don Bowen Update 2009-10-14

The lab results on 10-09-09 indicate that my body is not now, nor will it be strong enough in the future to receive any further chemo treatments.  Eileen, my family and friends are now responsible for providing me with pie and ice cream anytime I ask.

My brother and four sisters were here for the weekend to visit and attend my church with me.  It was good to see all of them at one time and enjoy some past family stories. (Sue, Julie, Barb, Anita and Steve in back. Dad, me and Mom sitting) and (Just Look and guess who is who!) and (Sue kisses Don) and (Mom and me with my blue halo).

Brother Sisters Parents 2009-10-11Whole Family 2009-10-11Sue Kisses DonMom and my blue hallo

Cousin Tom Bowen, sister Anita Meltzer, cousin Nancy Bowen, sister Sue DeRoos, Mom and frequent visitor Joey Eells spent some time entertaining me and enjoying my attempts at humor in my family room.

Family in My Living Room

Katie and Keith Seibel joined John Chaney and his son, Mark, for a great visit with prayer and scripture.  Then Katie and Keith demonstrated the sound of two shofars (rams horns) they brought back with them from Israel.  Shofars were used by the Israelites when they went into battle against their enemies. They wanted me to hear the current version of God’s people going into battle against my cancerous enemy.

John Mark Cheney and Katie Keith Seibel 2Keith Katie rams horn shofar

Kevin Lemay, my very special friend from Austin TX who works with me at our company, UnboundID, came to spend several days with me.  Jim Rinella, my college friend/roommate   from Colorado who works with the Navigators, came and spent a week at my house.  Everybody should have a great friends like Kevin and Jim.  John and Bev Burnham have been long time friends who have prayed BIG for me.

Kevin Lemay and DonJim Rinella DonJohn Bev Burnham 1

Now for those common parts of daily living.  Doing wheelees in my wheelchair, dancing with my wife to and from the bathroom and best of all, eating chocolate pudding pie.

Don wheelchairEileen Don Dancing 1Don chocolate pie 1

It has been good to be with my family and friends during this past week.

I need a miracle.  I’m expecting God to deliver one, pray big.

Don and my Dad


5 Responses to “Don Bowen Update 2009-10-14”

  1. Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING Says:

    Don, Eileen and girls.

    I know your pain. But I also know your ever so slight strange sense of relief of at least having a plan and what to prepare for.

    When we were told to stop treatments, it was devastating. Brian was just mad. He would look around the room and just look a bit angry becuase he was never one to do NOTHING, even though his body just couldn’t take it anymore. At the same time, it was kind of liberating to know that our only hope was in Jesus Christ – as if that was some sort of last resort while all the time it was really our FIRST resort. It just took the stopping of treatments to remind us of that.

    I pray that you can reach to hospice as a means to help you through this time – they can manage medicines and just help out with a few things. We did not use much of their help because we had just too many friends and family and MYSELF that wanted to do those things. Still, they can get you what you may need to help with the things you may not have thought about. And they can help the girls in some small ways, too.

    Right now, though, I pray that as you all lean on your Heavenly Father to guide you in this time, you are surrounded by his peace and grace. I pray you find grace moments to sustain you. I pray you, Don, can be freed from your pain. I pray you continue to be a blessing to all who come into contact with you (all). I pray that you allow others the JOY that comes from taking over and helping out with the peripheal things – cleaning, meals, shopping, thank yous, etc. I pray for you all.


  2. Luann Says:

    To the entire Bowen family’

    To say we are praying for all of you seems trite at a time like this, but sometimes words don’t do justice to the feelings we have! We will continue our prayers for so many different things for all of you! What a blessing to have so many friends, family and most importantly brothers and sisters in Christ around you!!!!! You have and will continue to touch so many across the nation and world who follow your journey and lift you up in prayer!! You truly are great witnesses to God’s strength and your courage is to be commended!! God has blessed you all in many ways and will continue His blessings forever! Please know that we are here for anything we can do for you!!!!
    In His love, because that’s the greatest love we have,
    Luann & Bruce

  3. Jenna Says:

    Hey Don,

    I hope you remember me, I was one of the students that prayed with you when you and your wife came to the IHOP healing rooms at Northwoods in early May. The Lord has brought you to my heart SO many times since that day.

    Just wanted to say how encouraged I was by what you said about the sustaining power of God’s Word during this time. I am overwhelmed the reality of the peace the Lord gives as we simply hold on to what He has said and who He is even in the hardest of circumstances .

    Thank you for being a faithful witness of Jesus Christ as you consistently give a ready testimony of His goodness.


  4. Jim Says:

    We have never met, I only know your story from being a long time attendee at Northwoods. I must say your strength has amazed me and has made me wonder if my faith would be as strong if I was placed in the same situation, you are an amazing man. The reason for my post is that about 3-4 weeks ago out of the blue when I saw you at the Sunday night Bears/Packers game God laid on my heart to pray for you. I said to myself “your kidding right God” why would you want me to do that. I have tried to ignore the prompting brushing it off as some crazy notion I came up with on my own…….but everyday I hear this voice “pray with Don”. So if you would indulge me I would like to leave this prayer for you.

    Heavenly Father I come to you out of obedience and out of wanting to pray for this amazing man. Father only you know and understand this situation and I cant begin to know your reasons for things like this, and it would be arrogant of me to question the God that created this earth and has complete control over Don, me and every other believer. Father I ask you to comfort Don in this time, give peace to him and his family. Father I know there are people that say you don’t do miracles anymore……God I know you do, for I have seen them in my own life lately so I ask for you to see it in your will to preform a miracle for Don and his family. Father I give thanks for all the blessings in Don’s life and in mine. I thank you for the strength you have given Don and his family during this time of trial and for the witness he has been to so many people worldwide. Father I lift all these things up to you and in your name I pray. Amen

  5. Bill Allison Says:

    Love you and praying BIG Don and family…

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