Don Bowen Update 2009-10-22

There has been a lot of regular living going on in my house since the last posted message.  I’ve had a few visitors which I always enjoy, but nothing like the busy house we had prior to the last blog.  My energy level only permits me to move with assistance via wheel chair on the main floor of our house from my chair in the family room, to the bathroom and my newly positioned bed in our living room where Eileen sleeps on our couch near my bed.

I’ve had several medical helpers come to help me as recommended by my doctor.  Nurse Jan has come several times to check with Eileen on how I’ve been doing since she was here last: what meds have I taken, what kinds of pain I have had and how severe have they been, where I have had the pain and what remedy was tried.  Jan provides many suggestions for my care and is always available for any questions Eileen may have.

CNA Sharon came for the first time this week to give me a full body bath – in my bed.  Everyone agreed that it might be hazardous for me to try to take a shower – with or without help.

I did enjoy seeing two special visitors from my high school days in Macomb Illinois.  Victor Daniels, special Policy Adviser for the Governor of Arizona, honored me by coming all the way from his busy schedule in Arizona.  Bryce Dexter, Director of Development for the School of Arts and Sciences at Western Illinois University (and excellent impersonator of Elvis Presley), helped me recall our fun days together in high school.

Victory Daniels 1Bryce Dexter 1

My pastor from Northwoods Community Church and his wife, Cal and Susan Rychner, came by for a welcome visit.  After all, Cal is an ardent Packers fan.  We talked about family members, where they are, what they are doing and the usual struggles of parenting children in ther teens and twenties.  We prayed together and praised God for His goodness.

Cal Susan Rychner 1

Two couples who visited and escaped my camera were former neighbors and close friends, Nate and Sherry Miller, and former college friends, Fred and Laurie Martin with their daughter, Meredith.  While Fred and Laurie were visiting, a 17 year old youth landed the plane he was flying at the busy intersection of Willow Knolls Dr. and Allen Road.  That intersection is about 1 mile from my house.  The youth escaped the plane before it burst into flames and completely burned up and no other injuries were reported.

I need a miracle.  I’m expecting God to deliver one, pray big.

Don and my Dad


4 Responses to “Don Bowen Update 2009-10-22”

  1. Gerald Beuchelt Says:

    Don –

    Thanks a lot for the continuing updates! Your fight is truly inspiring to anyone reading it. My thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.


  2. Scot and Suzy S Says:

    Hi Don and Eileen,

    We continue to pray for your struggle. Wish we could come and see you and catch-up, but various viruses have seemed to be gaining the victory with our family recently. We do appreciate the blog updates so to help us keep praying.


    scot and suzy from mundelein

  3. robert geraci Says:

    Don and family,

    I think of you very very often and hope and pray things get better. I’m so appreciative of how lives among strangers get woven together when sharing an experience like this. Pat, my wife, is holding her own so far, but I think we’ve learned that it is today that counts the most.


  4. Pat Patterson Says:

    Hi Don – thinking of you and sending you my best wishes from China!


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