About Don

I’ll update this at some point when I have time, but until then see my business profile on LinkedIn here.

All the pictures in my blog are on my flickr site here.

Here is a link to my first blog entry after I got home from surgery. I know it is long, but it can give you a great idea of what happened, how I felt and how faith and humor have been central to my entire journey.



6 Responses to “About Don”

  1. Peter Clark Says:


    Found your blog via Eve Maler – she indicated to me you were the IdM Master! and that you’re a fan of Duke. As I read your blog I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble, I too am hoping you will get better as things go along. I work for the Duke Medical center and I’ve been tagged as the person who’s supposed to move our IdM project along the way after it has lagged for a couple of years. We’re using ITIM as the basis or center point for role management. I contacted Eve for some pointers as to where to look to come up to speed on Identity management. If you find yourself with a little time if you’re in durham, do you think we could get together and see if I can pick up random bits of knowledge?

    Best regards

    Peter Clark

  2. Andrew Mass Says:

    Dearest Don,

    I just heard from Fred about your battle. I helped my mother with her brain cancer for 6 months last year.

    Keep me posted. I’d love to talk to you. Where are you? I am at my mother’s house in McHenry, IL.

    I just got back from Russia.

    I still have the hand illustration in my file.

    More later. I have plumbing problems. They dug up the yard and got the electric line. I am at Panera.

    your friend,

    Andrew Mass
    815-385-5972 home

  3. jody Howard Says:

    I have always been so amazed by you. You still do not disappoint. I ran into Rick Vance last week who sent my your blog link. I’m happy to see you battling the cancer with determination, perserverance, and humor. My wishes and prayers are with you.


  4. Michael Says:

    Is this still active? I just finished Phase 1 of my treatment(tem and radiation, Avistin) and soon start the every other week treatment. Let me know.


  5. Sonnie Meredith Says:

    Hi Don;
    I remember you as a little kid tormenting George Parks by riding your bicycle over the driveway bell at Frank Robert’s Service Station just south of your folk’s home on Carroll Street in Macomb. I began to work there in High School with Morris Kessler and am still a mechanic. You may remember me as a greaseball with a fast car. I haven’t changed. I read the article in the PJS newspaper about you and felt compelled to write. Thank you for being upbeat and being a positive influence to whomever read that article. Take care, Sonnie.

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    […] gears slightly, it was at my very first Catalyst, at Munich, back in 2002, that I first met Don Bowen, then (again, if my memory serves me) technical product manager for Sun Directory Server. We worked […]

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