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My Friend John and Fathead

September 17, 2008

I didn’t even realize it, but my friend John Fontana has been blogging for Fathead. John is a professional writer and quite talented. When I posted pictures of the Fathead of Brett Favre (before he unretired), which John sent me as a gift, Fathead’s Drew Bufalini saw it and asked if I would consider writing for them. I thanked him for the offer and referred him to John.

Wouldn’t you know that John had to write about his Denver Broncos. We first met at Lotusphere in Orlando when the Packers played the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Lotus had a HUGE party and big TV screens, but John had a room right there at the Dolphin, so several of us went there to watch the second half. Pretty soon it was just me and John and we were throwing twice as many barbs at each other as Favre and Elway were throwing passes to their receivers. We became fast friends and still are, despite that game’s outcome 🙂