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UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java on Google Android

March 25, 2009

You should definitely check out Neil Wilson’s blog talking about how our LDAP SDK for Java can be used to build ldap-enabled applications for the Google Android platform. You can use the same LDAP SDK for server-side, client-side and now mobile handset applications. Read much more on Neil’s blog and be sure to watch his video demo of just one of the ways this enabling technology can be used.



November 14, 2007

My friend Kevin pointed me to this video on YouTube about Android.

Fresh off a visit to the Apple store in downtown Austin I can’t say the interfaces they demo really impressed me, but my ears totally perked up with Sergey mentioned they have set aside $10,000,000 to reward developers who create interesting apps for Android.

OK, you got my attention, Sergey.

Google’s GrandCentral

October 26, 2007

When I worked at Sun I had an Accessline number and I loved it. I just started using GrandCentral from Google as a replacement and it’s not bad. It’s an invite only service right now, but totally free and you can get phone numbers in most areas.

One interesting use for me is to avoid long distance charges to Canada on my cell phone. If I have any of my friends up in Toronto, like Ken McPherson, call me on my cell I’ll be charged extra by Sprint. If I have them call my GrandCentral (GC) number, there’s no change in cost to them, but it only uses cell minutes. Much better.

Two of the cool features include the ability to screen and transfer calls. If someone calls you, you can tell immediately that it is from GC when you hear the GC operator. You press 1 to take the call, but can press 3 to send it to voicemail while you listen in. Should you decide you do want to take the call you just press # and pull it back. Very nice. While talking to someone who called your GC number you can press * and all other configured numbers will ring, allowing you, for instance, to transfer from your office phone to your cell.

There are a LOT more features. The call log, which allows you to bring up a map to your caller is slick.

GrandCentral CallLog

Let me know if you want an invite.